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Caser is the second largest insurance group in Spanish capital and is the second insurance group in the field of home. This makes us a specialist high solvency, not only assessed from a financial point of view but for quality and expertise.

Over 5 million Spaniards have trusted Caser and nearly 2 million have their insurance policies with us.

Moreover, this experience, has allowed us to develop our own infrastructure to provide the service with the highest quality control and operating efficiency.

And that experience is also what has allowed us to develop a wide range of products that can be adapted to the level of assurance required for each client.

High rates of satisfaction and loyalty of our policyholders.

In Caser we know how important it is that our customers feel satisfied from day one, so we have a wide range of products for each person to contract the insurance that best suits his/her needs and we put all the means in our hands to offer the best service by trying to anticipate any issues.

For any problem or incident, we offer a personalized service and study each case in detail.

This generates high rates of satisfaction, recommendation and loyalty of our customers.

Quality of service

   The quality of service for handling Features Multirisk Private (Home, Shops, estate) is certified by AENOR according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008, this award recognizes the quality system applied in the management meets the effectively the parameters set by the standard, offering "quality assurance" in the activities planned and systematic process applied.

We provide Community Insurance, Home Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Health Insurance, Business Insurance


Community Insurance


Nothing happens until it happens. Now, imagine if something happened in the community (building) you live in. If that happened, you better hope that the community had a insurance policy contracted. Instead of hoping, tell your community administrator or president about Caser Community . Many expatriates have already done it and are well covered at a great price. But don't let others tell you; let us give you a free no obligation quote and you decide.

Home Insurance

Our home is definitely our most intimate and comfortable space. It is where we feel safe, comfortable and protected. But it is also something more than a concept. It is a physical space that contains our goods, our memories. It is also the great piggy bank in which we have put a good portion of our savings of a lifetime. Whether it's because we've bought it or just because we have furnished it, is without doubt the greatest material investment we have made throughout our lives. But who protects our home? Perhaps the first thing that we should be aware of is the risks to which it is exposed and to become conscious on whether we want to protect it or want it to have it protected by a third party.

The Risks can come from:

Natural phenomena: weather, earthquakes / tsunamis, volcanoes, etc.

Social: theft, vandalism, etc.

Purely accidental: broken glass, water leaks, fire or short circuit voltage, electrical breakdown, etc.

In view of these risks, it is obvious that people cannot assume them all. We can deal with a broken glass; perhaps even a water leak (to some extent), but we cannot deal with damages caused by an earthquake or by fire. And it is from here where it taking insurance becomes essential.

But also today, a home insurance also helps resolving problems,: considering the numerous services included, as we can manage from a repair of a water leak, whether or not covered by insurance, to the recovery of a memory card lost holiday video from your camera, an appliance repair or the installation of an antenna or even by sending a doctor to the hotel on your holiday.

The fact that a home insurance is not compulsory does not mean that we don’t need it.

Natural disasters

In Spain there is an institution called the Insurance Compensation Consortium, whose functions include coverage against extraordinary risks. Extraordinary Risks are, among others, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or hurricanes.

  This institution, which is a model worldwide, has a regulation that makes this coverage effective through ordinary insurance policies. In other words, on can only be covered against these extraordinary phenomenons by contracting an ordinary home insurance policy.

Recent examples unfortunately have shown to us that this type of natural phenomena is not strange to us and these risks are unaffordable for almost any domestic economy.

This applies as well when contracting a mortgage to purchase your property.


When you buy your home with the help of a mortgage loan, the law requires that this right is secured. And in these cases, moreover, the insurance policy must state the existence of the mortgage loan. 

Vehicle Insurance

If you are an expatriate driving a vehicle registered in Spain, you will love our Auto Insurance. We offer you great coverage with very competitive premiums. But don't let others tell you, let us give you a free no-obligation quote for you to decide.

This is the most comprehensive quality / price car insurance and it is considered as one of the best insurance of its kind on the market, which can even be improved with optional covers.



• We check your vehicle within a maximum of 24 hours since entering in the workshop.

• You and your car's occupants always will be with protected, even if you are the cause of the accident.

• We advise on legal and administrative issues relating to your vehicle, we recover your traffic tickets and, should you lose your points, we will pay for your course to recover these points 

Travel assistance

• In addition to a shuttle from your vehicle to the shop, we repair on site whenever this is possible. Our assistance also includes situations of lack of fuel and punctures.

• You will enjoy travel assistance around the world, whether you are with or without a vehicle.

Stop and Go

• If your car stops, we either repair it on site or we reimburse you for the repair of the fault as long as the latter was responsible for the stop.

• We cover any mechanic, electric or electronic faults that have produced the total immobilization of your vehicle, irrespective of the amount thereof.

• Also you can repair the car in the shop that you may choose.


Check the scope of coverage under the particular conditions of the policy.

Health Insurance

If you want your Spanish nation wide coverage with English-speaking doctors , including 15.000 euros in emergency expenses when you are travelling abroad then Caser Health is the health insurance product that you were looking for. But don't let others tell you, let us give you a free no obligation quote for you to decide.

Business Insurance


As an entrepreneur there are always tough decisions to be made. But when it comes to insuring your business, which might be your main source of income, make sure you contract the right insurance before anything really happens. If you are looking for great coverage at a competitive premium Caser Business is the product you were looking for. But don't let others tell you; let us give you a free no obligation quote and you decide.