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Paraiso Central is a company fully dedicated to the real estate sector and the administration of Communities of Owners since the early 70’s and, as such, it has built serious relationships with most legal, public and private corporations in the Costa del Sol.

Originally forming part of one of the most active building companies on the Costa del Sol, the company has therefore also been dealing with many professionals related to the building activity.

Considering the above, we believe that Paraiso Central  is fully capacitated to offer to Communities of Owners all the services related to the administration of condominiums (lawyers, attorneys,  labour advisers, Electric, Telephone & Water Boards, Town Hall corporations, translators, architects, etc.… ) and, subsequently, to make most residents’ transactions with the local bodies an easier task than usual.

The working structure of Paraiso Central is actually formed by persons prepared to deal with queries arising from the owners in Spanish, English and French.


For many years now, Paraiso Central has reached the conclusion that management of Condominiums can be most profitable to all and each individual owners by working closely and actively with the President elected and Committee Members in place. Coordination, communication and reduction of conflict of interest are improved with this practice.

The most relevant services provided by our company could be summarised as follows:

A. Community Management (running expenditure):


·         To ensure the proper running of the Community in coordination with the Committee  Members, through:


i. Committee Meetings


ii. Periodical “on site” inspections (gardening, pools,


iii. Obtaining quotations from suppliers


iv. Any other duties agreed with the Community


·         To execute the resolutions passed by the AGM with the assistance of the Committee Members. Coordination with the committee shall ensure  effective expenditure control


·         Where necessary, to take any emergency measures and advise owners of the Community


·         To provide owners with information about works and actions to be undertaken within the Community

B. Internal Duties and Accountancy:


·         At the request of the President, to call any Ordinary or Extraordinary Meetings and attend such meetings. Translation English/Spanish where necessary and redaction of Meetings’ minutes


·         To custody all documentation related to the Community of Owners. Plus organize and keep private owners’ mail at office (individual files)


·         To prepare and lay before the owners in general meetings the Budget for expected expenditure and the Accounts for the year


·         Monthly transactions issued in accordance with the General Accountancy Plan. Committee members to receive monthly statements and/or Balance Sheets within a fortnight following the end of each month


·         To send reminder letters to those owners in arrears of community fees


·         To assist lawyers and attorneys in the recovering of outstanding debts in respect of community fees


·         Invoicing. To issue the corresponding invoices to owners and deal with all bank standing orders


·         Charges. To pay suppliers at the end of each month and ensure payment of all standing community payments (water, electricity, gardeners, Local Taxes, etc.…)


C. Constitution of New Communities

NIF, Property Land Registry, Minute Book, Statutes, Internal Regulations, opening of bank account, etc.


More than ever, communication between residents and the Board of Directors (President, Committee Members and Administrator) has become a necessity and a legitimate request from most owners. Fluent communication can only benefit the Community as a whole and improve the time of response in dealing with any community matters arising.

As such, the possibility of facilitating communication through the creation of a web page could be discussed and studied with the Committee in place.